ITNewb Hookup

Andrew Johnson, owner and lead developer for ITNewb, a social network of volunteer tech authors, gave me an awesome shout out on the company’s blog. I’ve been a huge supporter of ITNewb since Andrew introduced me to the project. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrew on a number of interface strategies and mock-ups to help increase the sites usability and he’s been doing an incredible job.

ITNewb offers a genuine platform for members of the Information Technology field to go beyond simply reading tutorials reviewed by a handful of private editors. Articles are submitted, reviewed and critiqued by members of the network before being submitted to the archives. Critiques are carefully broken down with specific categories and a sophisticated rating system. The site also offers a variety of useful tools for all ITers, such as an Open Source software library and an RFC database. Make sure you check out ITNewb, wish Andrew all the best, and friend me, of couse.

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2 Replies to “ITNewb Hookup”

  1. Hi Frank,

    It was my pleasure to mention you, as you really have provided the community with great ideas and feedback. We can’t forget the articles you’ve authored either! Thanks for this generous post, it’s very much appreciated.


  2. I have to agree, one of the things I really appreciate about ITNewb is Andrew’s willingness to take critical feedback and act on it. While he may not always agree with the suggestion, he does make a point of hearing it out, and explaining why he made whatever decision he made.

    The quality of the documentation on ITNewb is good, and the system they have in place encourages authors to improve their work if it isn’t quite up-to-par.

    All in all, I would recommend the site to anyone looking for a reliable reference source.

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