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How to contribute to Drupal

While up in Connecticut last weekend speaking at DrupalCampCT, I had the opputunity to speak with Ben Melancon (mlncn) about what we can do to make contributing more accessible to Drupal users of all skill levels. We all love that Drupal is very much a “plug-and-play” CMS, but getting those plugs made requires a lot of work and coordination. What I am trying to do is help streamline the process, so there is an extremely clear path on how to contribute to Drupal core and modules. As a first attempt, I’m working towards establishing an Un-official guide.

Please leave a comment with links to Drupal resources that you feel have been helpful in successfully contributing to Drupal: a guide/tutorial, feedback from a module maintainer, … anything really. After gathering a list, I will work to have seasoned vets of Drupal review the list, and pair it down to the best representation of the way to contribute.


Drupal Contributors Guide

Making a Drupal patch with Git – http://drupal.org/node/707484
Submitting patches – http://drupal.org/patch/submit